Dual Thermal (IR) and Hi-Res (EO) Imager

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Everything you need to know

The WASP (Wide Area Surveillance Platform) is a hand launchable micro-drone perfect for outdoor guide companies looking to provide a unique view of field excursions to clients.

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Available Pricing

WASP (Base)

  • Thermal Images
    ( 160x120 Resolution)
    (57° FOV)

  • Color Images
    (62.2° FOV)

  • External Data Storage / Transfer

  • Manual Flight Modes, Semi-Autonomous Waypoint Mode

Starting At $7499

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Product Specifications

Copy of WASP Slick Sheet Spec Only | Avari Aerospace.jpg
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Available in NDAA FY21 848 and NDAA FY 20 841 compliant versions.

Certain configurations / add-ons / upgrades may be export controlled, call us to learn more.

Specifications and Pricing may be subject to change without notice.

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AV - WASP M1 (Top down view)


  • (1) Tablet Controller

  • (3) Quick Swap Batteries

  • (1) Ruggedized Storage Case

Samsung GCS.jpg

GCS - Samsung Tab Active 3

WASP Battery | Avari Aero.png

Quick Swap Battery

WASP Slick Sheet | Avari Aerospace

Autonomous / ISR / SWARM Upgrades Not Available For Civilian Customers.

To Order Call 513-828-0860 or Email sales@avariaero.com