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Everything An Educator Needs To Teach The Next Generation Of UAS Professionals


Ready to get your class excited about STEM?

Teach students about the benefits of advanced manufacturing, UAS, and real world use cases for drones!

The Arin STEM Kit is the only kit of its kind designed for educators to readily teach high school to college age students sUAS design, assembly, repair, and flight so that they can fly professionally.

Based on the Arin SWAP series, (read more about the Arin SWAP here) the Arin STEM Kit is fully operational once assembled and calibrated, can be successfully set-up and flown within 3 minutes, boasts an interchangeable payload of up to 1.5lbs, is capable of flying in GPS-Denied environments, and works with publicly available flight programs like Q Ground Control and Mission Planner.

STEM Kit Upgrades Available For:

  • Obstacle Avoidance

  • LiDAR

  • Hi-Resolution Cameras

  • Thermal Cameras

  • Multi-Spectral Cameras

  • Environmental Sensors

  • Optical Suites

Teach students how to use drones within any of these industries: Land Surveying, Power Line Inspections, Topographic and Bathymetric Surveying, Forestry, Precision Agriculture, Mining, Events, Marketing, Real Estate, Inspections, Oil & Gas, Public Safety, Security, and more!

Solution Capabilities


Up to 500 meters (1640 feet) operational range from included controller.


Ready to fly once assembled with a comprehensive and easy to follow assembly, user, and flight training manual.


Up to 20 minutes of flight time during regular use with the included 6000 mAh battery.


The first STEM Kit in its size class with a swappable 1.5LB payload and dual camera attachments.


Flyable with any Android device (not included) using Q Ground Control.


Opt for any number of STEM Kit add-ons or contact us for a custom solution.

STEM Kit Covers



Teach students the importance of each component, what they do, how they connect, and the assembly process.

Drone Manual


Teach students the Standard Operating Procedures of professional flight, how the vehicle is programmed and calibrated.

Field Training


Students gain flight experience while earning documented hours that can help them rise above the competition.

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