Avari's newest solution the Avion reimagines the future roles of UAS in American military operations

Updated: Apr 2

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The Department of Defense is considering the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to fulfill missions in permissive environments, such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), communications relay, and cargo delivery. Although these UAS do not have weapons capabilities built into them, they can be a significant force multiplier by taking on some roles traditionally fulfilled by manned aircraft.

3D printed drone swarm demonstration

Ohio Drone, an Avari Aerospace family company, demonstrated the Avion at the November Thunderstorm DOD demonstration event. The Avion is a drone solution package based on the currently available Arin SWAP. The Avion demonstration includes: the Arin SWAP an American Made 3D printed drone, autonomous flight and swarm capabilities powered by Autonodyne for attrition resilient DOD response to opposition threat, and payload partner Immobileyes to showcase the ease of use for the payload swap system. The Avion is capable of manual flight, semi-autonomous flight using waypoints, and fully autonomous flight using any number of autonomous software providers.

We are excited to share the highlight video created by the GTRI team of our demonstration at the Thunderstorm Contested Logistics event at the Crucible back in November. Thanks to our demo partners Autonodyne LLC and Immobileyes Inc. and hosts for a great event.

From swarming, to autonomous flight, to speedy field repairs, and even flying in the rain… no obstacle stumped our drone or demo team.

From Left to Right: Amanda Cannell, CEO Avari Aerospace; Tracey Hoff, C(UAS)PO Avari Aerospace; Graham Burris, Lead Engineer Avari Aerospace

Before the Avion swarm-based sUAS was too expensive to be practical unless the operator has decided to use either foreign-made sUAS, or has incorporated multiple critical foreign-made components into the design of the sUAS. Foreign-made sUAS or sUAS designed using foreign-made components present serious risks to the Department of Defense and its assets. The Avion seeks to greatly reduce the cost, and enhance the effectiveness of Swarm-based operations in three major ways: utilizing 3d printing technology for the frame and all structural components; integrating US made parts and the Blue sUAS 2.0 system; and reshoring component production to trusted US Manufacturers.

Based on the Arin SWAP series, the Avion is fully operational, can be successfully set-up and flown within 3 minutes, boasts an interchangeable payload of up to 2.5lbs, is capable of flying in GPS-Denied environments, and is tested and demonstrated with Autonodynes swarm program.

Learn more about the Arin SWAP series here!

This technology will enable the DOD to conduct low-cost Swarm operations for either offensive purposes or to conduct small-scale resupply/materials transport.

Since we've attended the Thunderstorm Contested Logistics event we have expanded our portfolio with multiple vehicles capable of being outfitted with the same ISR and Autonomy technology from Autonodyne as featured in the Avion Package.

UAS as a force multiplier in American military operations

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the military is likely more widespread than the public realizes. According to U.S. Air Force, they have been using them since 1994 and spend $3 billion a year on them. The use of UASs would be a force multiplier by allowing the military to conduct missions that were previously not possible due to restrictions on manned aircraft operations or limitations in information-gathering capabilities.

Autonomous capabilities of UAS

UAS's are capable of carrying out autonomous air missions. This means that operators do not need to have their hands on the controls at all times in order to get their job done. They can control a single UAS or they can be overseeing multiple UAS's at once as they complete intricately composed missions.


If you are interested in the Avion solution package or any of the drones Avari Aerospace offers reach out to us at 513-828-0860 or sales@avariaero.com.




Avari Aerospace is a SBA registered small business and home to Ohio Drone LLC. For questions regarding our products and services please contact us at 513-828-0860.

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