5 Benefits of Using Drone STEM Activity Kits in Education

With the wide range of uses drones can serve in the real world, it's no wonder they're being integrated into schools as well. For students who might be eager to see how drones work and learn all the skills necessary to pilot a drone, STEM activity kits are a great place to start. Check out this post for more information on 5 ways these kits are going to have an impact on STEM education for years to come!

What are Drone STEM Activity Kits?

Drone STEM Activity Kits are multi-level, hands-on learning tools that teach students about drone technology. They can be used to learn the basics of how a drone works and explore the concept of flight. They also include different challenges that students need to solve in order to progress. This is a great way for students to get excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

Why is Drone STEM Activity Necessary?

STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math is all about teaching students about real world applications of sciences. And, according to the National Science Education Standards, this should start at an early age. But how do you teach STEM when most kids are not even interested in these subjects? One way is by incorporating it into their everyday lives. STEM activity kits use everyday materials to help teach students young and old about the different subjects that make up STEM. So if a student wants to learn about say... aerodynamics and robotics, they can build a drone that teaches them all about it!

How is a Drone STEM Activity Kit different than other methods or tools of teaching?

A Drone STEM Activity Kit is a tool that supports STEM curriculum. It offers a hands-on learning environment and encourages creativity. Students are able to experience what it's like to assembly, troubleshoot, and program a drone as they work through different activities in their kit vs reading / lectures / videos alone. It also teaches them how drones impact society and the environment.

Benefits of Using a Drone Kit in Education

Drone Kits are a great way to teach STEM subjects because drones have many different uses. They can be used in Agriculture, Construction, and even Medicine. They provide hands-on learning that students love. They also help students develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. And they're not just for kids! Drone kits are a great way to get people of any age interested in technology.

  1. Drones provide critical thinking skills and cognitive development for students interested in STEM.

  2. Drones can help students pursue their understanding of aerodynamics and other skills.

  3. Drones are used to teach how to code and program.

  4. Drones are used to teach the mechanics of electronics by taking a drone apart and putting it back together.

  5. Drones are used to help students build skill sets they can license and take into their professional life after school.

Where to buy a drone kit

There are many options for buying a drone kit. One way is to buy a kit from an educational company such as Discovery Education, National Geographic, or National Flight Academy. Another option is to find a manufacturer that specializes in drones like Avari Aerospace and buying a kit from them (see the Arin STEM Kit). You should also make sure they have drone batteries and parts to fix any problems you might encounter while flying the drone.

Beyond just the basic kit, for more advanced programs and students, you can ask the drone manufacturer for compatible add-ons that enable greater feature sets and performance capabilities like obstacle avoidance, sensor packages, camera packages, payload packages, and even advanced flight programming!

Check out our education series catalog to see the wide variety of compatible add-ons for the Arin STEM Kit.

Why The Arin STEM Kit?

The Arin STEM Kit is the only kit of its kind designed for educators to easily teach high school to college age students sUAS design, assembly, repair, and flight so that they can fly professionally.Racing Kits are fun but they don't teach the real-world applications of drones in the professional industries. The Arin STEM was designed for professionals and built for educators to teach students the importance of the core components, design, and assembly of the drone. Each Kit comes with every part needed to fully assemble and fly an Arin series drone. The included Assembly Instructions, User Manual, and Flight Training Guide are perfect compliments to existing curriculum or foundation pieces to new curriculum.

Read more about the education solution package here.


If you're interested in bringing drones into your classroom and don't know where to start reach out to us at sales@avariaero.com or call us at 513-828-0860. All of our kits come complete with instructions, a full suite of available advanced kit add-ons, technical and instructor support from our license engineers and instructors, and more.




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