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Payload Swappable Autonomous Swarm Package


Ready to protect your troops

Giving ground teams and operational systems a meaningful answer to enemy UAS and swarm depolyments

Before the Avion, swarm-based sUAS was too expensive to be practical unless the operator has decided to use either foreign-made sUAS, or has incorporated multiple critical foreign-made components into the design of the sUAS. Foreign-made sUAS or sUAS designed using foreign-made components present serious risks to the Department of Defense and its assets. The Avion seeks to greatly reduce the cost, and enhance the effectiveness of Swarm-based operations in three major ways: utilizing 3d printing technology for the frame and all structural components; integrating US made parts and the Blue sUAS 2.0 system; and reshoring component production to trusted US Manufacturers.

Based on the Arin SWAP series, the Avion is fully operational, can be successfully set-up and flown within 3 minutes, boasts an interchangeable payload of up to 2.5lbs, is capable of flying in GPS-Denied environments, and is tested and demonstrated with Autonodynes swarm program.

Solution Capabilities


Up to 40 km serial telemetry operational range from operator, and/or anywhere cellular coverage is available.


Ready to fly out of the box with a comprehensive and easy to follow user manual.


Up to 28 minutes of flight time during regular use with the included 8500 mAh battery.


The first drone in its size class with a swappable 2.5LB payload and dual camera attachments.


Flyable with any Android device (Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 Included) using Q Ground Control, Mission Planner, or RCU2


Swappable payload system can accommodate any sensor, camera, disruption capabilities.

Supports A Wide Variety Of Missions

Force Protection

Force Protection.png

Get rid of combatant sUAS and swarms from convoys, ships, and fixed assets.


Monitoring Room

Get eyes on remote areas, targets, and active mission teams.

JIT Field Logistics

JIT Delivery.png

Get critical supplies and gear out to field teams in record time.