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Unleashing New Heights of Drone Logistics

Experience Logistics 2.0


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Delivery

The Hermes by Avari Aero is a VTOL Fixed Wing hybrid drone designed for the professional operator to conduct long-range operations without the need for take-off or landing infrastructure; frequent refueling / recharge stops; or large landing footprint.

Now Accepting Alaskan Community Pre-Registrations

We are excited to open pre-registration for communities and companies in Alaska interested in deploying the Hermes Logistics Platform in their region. If your community struggles with access to food, goods, or medicine due to lack of roadway access or lack of local providers share the Pre-Registration info and application below with your community leaders and tell them how adding drone logistics to your community will help end food insecurity, support food sovereignty efforts, and boost your local economy. (Read more about the project here)



Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World


Autonomous flight has revolutionized the way many industries approach their operations. Our Autonomous Flight technology is NDAA compliant and enables aircraft to fly autonomously, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), receive missions remotely with live communications, and closed-loop communications for strategic deployments. Additionally, we offer optional satellite connectivity and advanced mission behaviors to ensure maximum operational effectiveness.



Our total autonomy solution includes the NEOEx EXTEND™ Energy and Power System a alternative energy power source and base station that generates, stores, and transfers liquid hydrogen for refueling autonomously. Integration as part of a base micro-grid provides an optimal UAV support capability and potential access to energy generation for local consumption with Fuel Cells. The NEOEx EXTEND™ Energy and Power System provides 20x more energy using liquid hydrogen and fuel cell electric power generation.



Our solutions don't sacrifice the environment to maximize payload and range capability. By partnering with DoD developed and tested technology companies we marry proven battery hybrid technology to innovative alternative energy power sources to accomplish industry first ranges in our UAS class. 

Available packages include:


  • Long Range Package 
    Our battery only package capable of over 660 miles of range at max payload.


  • Extreme Range Package
    Our gaseous hydrogen package
     for leading gaseous hydrogen solutions capable of over 1280 miles of range at max payload. (Partner Announcement Pending)

  • Extreme Max Range Package
    Our liquid hydrogen package using the EXTEND™ Energy and Power System by NEOEx Systems, Inc. for leading liquid hydrogen solutions capable of
    over 3400 miles of range at max payload.



A different approach, using a new method of delivery.

Avari Aerospace is a drone company working to revolutionize the global delivery industry. Our VTOL fixed wing hybrid delivery drone is designed to be more efficient than current delivery drones, is capable of vertical takeoff and landing to forward fixed wing flight, extended flight times, and more payload than any other drone in its class. With its unique capabilities, the drone will enable automated hub-and-spoke model or site-to-site deliveries, reduce delivery costs, and provide a more efficient way to transport goods.


With our teams origins as UAS service-based providers, Avari Aerospace has developed comprehensive solutions for system deployment including equipment lease, maintenance support, implementation and operations support. Our goal being to make it easy for logistics service providers to add drone delivery to their portfolio through our end-to-end solutions.


Hermes In Numbers

64 lbs

Max Payload Capacity

667 mi

Max Range Glide Path on Battery

12 sqft

Minimal VTOL Operating Footprint

3413 mi

Max Range Glide Path on LH2

Values based on projected performance of model 1.1 - actual unit performance may vary based on environmental conditions, topographical obstacles, airspace obstacles, and drone/payload configurations.



At Avari Aero, we partner with some of the best organizations in the industry to bring about the best technology. We offer customized solutions, leveraging our expertise and our partner’s network of resources. Our partnerships ensure that our customers have access to the latest advances in drone technology and the highest quality of service. We are committed to offering the highest level of support and expertise. Together, we are committed to helping our customers unlock the full potential of their drone operations.






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New Partner
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